Our Passion is Family

We have a passion for kids to live healthy and strong

We believe God desires families to spend time together
which has led us to design something for every age.



Monday - Friday
8:45am - 12:00pm

✅ Up to 2h of FREE childcare per membership per child.*

✅ Must stay onsite and in the building during entire childcare checkin.


✅ Must be checked in/checked out by the child’s parent/guardian.

We offer 2 childcare rooms- one is designed for infants/toddlers and the other is designed for bigger kids up to 12y. Our big kid room features an indoor swing, foosball table & opens up to a childcare-reserved basketball court that also allows for (CCF provided) ride on toys!

Both rooms are filled with toys, crafts, games and highly engaging teachers.

*Up to 2 children on Individual Memberships. More requires a small fee. 
*Up to 4 children on Family Memberships. More requires a small fee.


Kids fitness

Children are allowed on equipment & in Group Fitness Classes when fully accompanied and supervised by a parent/guardian. And must be on a Family Membership with a supervising adult.

All children younger than 16 must be accompanied and fully supervised by a parent/guardian in all areas of City Center Fitness at all times. Never left unattended. Doing so risks membership termination.

City Center Fitness reserves the right to deny child access to equipment/classes.

*2 hours FREE with all memberships