Core Values of River of Life

Our Mission

Our mission at River of Life has always been, and continues to be, to personally know the Lord Jesus Christ and to let Him be known. We seek to do this by reaching out to those in our church community and the greater community that surrounds us. This mission is reflected in our current vision statement: Our Community in the Greater Community for the Glory of God.

Our core values are the foundation of the ministries at River of Life. Everything we do is based on these eight values that are drawn from God’s Word. These values are timeless, and if we hold true to them, we know they will ensure a healthy future for River of Life.

Doing whatever it takes

We have mountain moving FAITH.

What we do—we do well

We believe in EXCELLENCE.

We can’t stop talking about who He is and what He’s done

We are EVANGELISTS and want everyone to know Jesus.

Saying yes to the best and no to the rest

We want to FOCUS on the mission God has given us.

Helping each other see what we can become

We want everyone to experience life transformation through spiritual MENTORING.

We don’t maintain—we multiply

We want to experience SPIRITUAL GROWTH and grow exponentially.

It is better to give than receive

We are willing to sacrifice for Christ & the church through EXTRAVAGANT GENEROSITY.

We are a place where everyone is welcome

God so loved the world and we want to share that LOVE.